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CTC Rides and Events, organised by CTC Northampton- the local group of the national organisation for cyclists - Cycling UK.

This programme is updated every 2 months and the final month is subject to change. Our aim is to run each ride as advertised below. Any changes or (exceptionally) cancellations will be advertised on our Yahoo e-mail group and, if possible, the club website and other electronic media. Cyclists are advised to check for messages or contact the leader a day or two before the ride for any updates.
Please press F5 or the refresh button to ensure you are reading the latest version of the programme below.

For insurance reasons, club rides are for members but we welcome non-members on a trial basis for up to 3 rides. Some events are open to all - ask us for details. You can also download a copy of the current programme click here

If you are new to cycling and would like to find out about cycle routes across Northants, you may like to visit Cycle Northants. Local Let's Ride groups offer guided rides for beginners to intermediate riders and are a good way to get into club cycling. They also offer women specific rides through Breeze groups

Where available, click on names to send an e-mail to the ride leader/organiser. Some routes have a link to RideWithGPS, 'gpx' files can be downloaded from here. Click on the following links for ride Pace / Speed --> Moderate -->Steady-->Brisk

Day/DateTimeMilesRide PaceStartRoute/DestinationStop(s) (if known)Leader/ Organiser
Sun 07 Jul9.30am44SteadyCC Woodford HalseWoodford Halse & BBQ at West Hunsbury (must pre-book BBQ)Milton Cadman ..01604 416315
Sat 13 Jul9.30am36BriskMCPGreat OxendonCanvas Cafe James Holden 07841 933046
Sat 13 Jul9.30am32ModerateMCPGreat OxendonCanvas Cafe James Holden 07841 933046
Sun 21 Jul8.00am116SteadyCCGuy Barber Ride to Cambridge via St Neots from NorthamptonTatties Cambridge, plus others on-routePeter Bayles 07979 850096
Sun 21 Jul11.00am44SteadyCCGuy Barber Ride to Cambridge From St NeotsTatties Cambridge, plus others on-routePeter Bayles 07979 850096
Sat 27 Jul9.30am42BriskEH Daventry Country ParkReservoir CafeJames Cairncross 07980144704
Sat 27 Jul9.30am38ModerateEH Daventry Country ParkReservoir CafeJames Cairncross 07980144704
Sun 04 Aug9.30am57SteadyCC CarltonEmmaus Centre CarltonTim Howell .07749 477231
Sat 10 Aug9.30am45BriskEH CulworthForge CafeChris Duff . 07709 76291
Sat 10 Aug9.30am38ModerateEH CulworthForge CafeChris Duff . 07709 76291
Sun 18 Aug9.30am60SteadySIX Radford SemeleWhite Lion, Radford SemelePhil Johnson ..07927 377191
Sat 24 Aug9.30am43BriskEHCanons AshbyCanons Ashby NT CafeJames Cairncross 07980144704
Sat 24 Aug9.30am38ModerateEHCanons AshbyCanons Ashby NT CafeJames Cairncross 07980144704

Click to download the Rides Plan

If you would like a regular copy by e-mail when it is updated and do not currently receive it please see details on the Contact Us page.

Small updates, changes or corrections may be made to the listings on this website during the two month interval between normal publications. If you are interested in one or more of the clubs events then you are encouraged to use the Change Detection button at the bottom to register for automatic notification of these changes.

List of rides and events organised by CTC Northampton - the local group of the national organisation for cyclists CyclingUK. Details of all the events are published, normally at the end of alternate months (Feb, Apr etc.) and are correct for the first two months published. An updated list will be published late during the second month and may include amendments for events after that.

Please note that Audax rides usually require advance registration at least 10 days before the date of the ride.Details of how to enter events can be found on the audax-UK site www.aukweb.net CTC members do not have to pay the temporary Audax membership fee.


We are adopting a new grading for rides as in the column headed TYPE to better illustrate the pace of the ride. This is only a guide which the ride leader will try to meet. If in doubt please contact the ride leader who will be pleased to give you more information.


CTC Northampton aims to cater for a wide range of rider abilities. In general we will wait for the last rider. On Brisk rides, riders are expected to meet the average speeds indicated or be able to make their own way home.


The committee welcomes suggestions for the clubs development. Please contact the rides secretary in advance if you plan to attend the planning meeting. Alternatively you are welcome to forward suggestions prior to the meeting.

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You can also ask to be sent a copy of the current Rides Plan by e-mail as part of its bi-monthly update. Please contact the if you wish to receive regular Rides Plan updates this way.